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Psychic Emma was born in Lynedoch, Stellenbosch, South Africa. At the moment of birth, her path was set because in numerology terms, everything aligned and she was born with a 7 as her life path number which gave her a driving desire for spiritual wisdom and knowledge. Number 7 resonates with the vibrations and energies of spirituality, mysticism, intuition, inner wisdom and psychic abilities. From this, it is obvious that Emma would become a Psychic Medium as it was set in stone at the moment of birth.

From a very young age, Psychic Emma had prophetic dreams; she played catch with a reflection of herself from another dimension at the age of 5; and saw Higher Beings, spirits, and giants.

She remembers thinking that it was normal and that most people were able to hear people’s thoughts, animals, crystals, and plants speaking. Normal to see deceased people and to chat with Higher Beings. She began exploring her abilities and helping clients part-time in 2005. It was only when she went on a psychic tour in Egypt in 2009, that she realised that her skill set was unique. That’s when she quit her job in the fashion industry (as instructed by her Guides) and followed her truth. January 2010 marked her going full time into the Psychic Medium industry and she has never looked back! We can comfortably say that she has well over 15 years of experience in the industry.

During a reading, Psychic Emma can help you to see your path more clearly, to find your truth, and to identify the choices that will bring you more satisfaction in your life journey. Clarity, insight, and guidance are the desired outcomes! She’s down to earth and her heart and mind are open to your perspective on life so she won’t impose a belief system onto you. With the assistance of your Higher Beings and her Golden Being, she creates a safe space for you to find healthy change that is for your highest good.

She loves to connect with your guides and Higher Beings who provide her with the information that you need and the opportunity to get to know them. Ask them questions and find out what messages they have for you. During a Medium reading, it is an honour to connect you to your loved ones who’ve passed over.

In her free time, she likes to be creative as any form of creativity brings her great joy!

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Over the last few years, it has been an absolute pleasure to assist viewers and listeners on Radio with KFM, SAfm radio, MatieFM – then on TV with KykNet Tussen ons and Kyknet The Cape Daily Show.
I was the resident Psychic on KFM for 2 years during COVID. Carl Wastie invited me onto his show to help lift his listeners’ spirits on Friday afternoons; it was one of the highlights of my life during this time.

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Here’s a link to an interview that Sarah Kirton from MysticMag (Located in the US) wrote about me, please enjoy! https://www.mysticmag.com/psychic-reading/interview-emma-forest/

Book a consultation with Psychic Emma to find more light and sunshine in your life.
* Are you feeling stuck or blocked?
*Do you need to gain clarity, insight, and perspective through asking questions?
* Would you like to connect with loved ones who have passed over?
* Get guidance and tools to make important decisions
* Connect with past lives
* Meet your Guides and Higher Beings
*Develop your intuition and Psychic abilities
* Animal communication
* Find out more about love life, work, children and more.
* Emotional understanding of your circumstances.
* Abundance affirmations, Golden Being guidance.
* Aura scanning (Learn about the colours in your aura and their meanings)
* Dream Interpretation
*Online house clearances
*Couples relationship guidance (Each person has their own private session, then a joint session when they’re ready. The goal is self-realisations and improvements for the health of the relationship)
*Learn how to manifest and create positive and protective energy around yourself

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She offers readings via online methods such as WhatsApp calling or video calls, Skype, Meets, Teams, or our cell phones. Time and space have no influence on her psychic abilities as your Higher Beings will tell us what we need to hear. She’s done very accurate readings for people all over the world and clients say that they feel very connected to the experience with her. Face to face readings are available in Stellenbosch South Africa. Readings are 45 mins or 1.5 hrs long.

Review from 2017, this person has been my client since 2015!
I am always astounded at how accurate Emma’s readings are without me giving her any information on my current situation. She is extremely talented. I always feel lighter and ready to take on the world when I leave her healing room. I have grown so much and learned a lot from her guidance. She has made an incredible difference in my life. Emma has many different services that she offers. My favourites are her aura scanning and her different workshops. I have done her Abundance workshop, Crystal workshop, Protection workshop and Meet Your Guides workshop and all of them have been so helpful and informative. Her abundance workshop is especially amazing and I can highly recommend it! Emma has also been teaching me to develop my own abilities and understand them better. I absolutely love everything she has taught me. Emma is an amazing, easy going person that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed.

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