Over the last few years, it has been an absolute pleasure to assist viewers and listeners on radio with KFM, SAfm radio, MatieFM – then on TV with KykNet Tussen ons and Kyknet The Cape Daily Show.
I was the resident Psychic on KFM for 2 years during COVID. Carl Wastie invited me onto his show to help lift his listeners’ spirits on Friday afternoons; it was one of the highlights of my life during this time.
All these invites are much appreciated as it feels like recognition for all my years of dedication and experience.

KFM with Carl Wastie
Carl brought me onto the show because he wanted to bring some light into his listeners lives. His intention was to provide some guidance during the struggles of Covid. I really enjoyed my 2 years on air and it was such a nice way to meet people. I especially enjoyed giving future predictions for Carl and his team while the music was playing 🙂

Over the months, we received a lot of feedback about my predictions. Some clients messaged me directly to let me know how things had played out. Others let Carl know and we chatted about it on air. It was so lovely how connected we all were during those covid days.

In April, I predicted that Zoe (From Carl Wastie’s show on KFM) would be invited to travel in September 2020. Then in August, I asked Carl to let Zoe know about another future vision that I had for her. It was seemingly random… I saw her with lots of blue in a pretty outfit and camera’s and flying in September. She’s just flown to a location, to shoot an advert on the beach. (21 September 2020) Listen – The flash drive Zoe Brown left speechless by psychic Emma

Earlier during lock down 2020, I did a prediction for Jimmy Nevis live on air on KFM with Carl. He asked where his new release would land on the charts and I heard the number 6 repeated. I didn’t know what it meant. Then on 06/06/2020, his song landed at number 1 on the charts for the entire 6th month of the year! Psychic may have been right about Jimmy Nevis

I was interviewed by Sarah Kirton from MysticMag (Located in the US) and they wrote an article about me, please enjoy!

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