Psychic Emma is on KFM on some Friday afternoons from 4.10 – 4.30pm with Carl Wastie.
She shares sunshine guidance for his listeners and Carl provides his positivity and enthusiasm which brings light into his listeners lives. Tune in on KFM 94.5fm.


Other radio stations that have invited her onto their shows are Safm and MATIEfm. She was also a guest on Tussen Ons, a DSTV KykNet TV show in South Africa.


In April, I predicted that Zoe (From Carl Wastie’s show on KFM) would be invited to travel in September 2020. Then in August, I asked Carl to let Zoe know about another future vision that I had for her. It was seemingly random… I saw her with lots of blue in a pretty outfit and camera’s and flying in September. She’s just flown to a location, to shoot an advert on the beach. (21 September 2020) Listen – The flash drive Zoe Brown left speechless by psychic Emma

Earlier during lock down 2020, I did a prediction for Jimmy Nevis live on air on KFM with Carl. He asked where his new release would land on the charts and I heard the number 6 repeated. I didn’t know what it meant. Then on 06/06/2020, his song landed at number 1 on the charts for the entire 6th month of the year! Psychic may have been right about Jimmy Nevis

Please feel free to click on the links to listen to some of the readings I’ve done live on air with Carl Wastie:)