Readings with Emma

With over 15 years of experience, I’ve developed an insightful formula for the readings that I offer. Your Higher Power is always present during a reading and will offer you the clarity and guidance that you’re looking for. You can ask about love, family, work, travels, connecting with deceased loved ones, animal communication (Including pets that have passed over), relocating, aura scanning, relationships, past lives, online house clearances, how to develop intuition and psychic abilities, understanding dreams, and more.

During a Psychic reading, we open up each of your questions so that you can have clarity and a deeper understanding of your circumstances. No need to feel so stuck and blocked, because the answers will help you to see your life from a fresh perspective. The Guidance offers strategies and we explore different future possibilities so that you can make educated and informed decisions. My goal is to offer my clients clarity, guidance, understanding, insight, and the opportunity to view your circumstances in a different light.

As a Medium, I help people connect with their deceased loved ones (including pets). It can be emotional to have this opportunity to connect, so I welcome your loved ones in with light. We welcome their personality traits, mannerisms, messages, and acknowledgments. The most moving part of a Medium reading is when your loved ones describe when they’ve visited, how you can tell when they are with you, and what signs they send you. They often also talk about their passing over, who came to fetch them, where they are, and how it feels to be there.

During a reading, I become the bridge between you, your Guides, your Higher Beings, and your loved ones who can help you find your way. I’m down to earth, practical and my heart and mind are open to your perspective on life, so I won’t impose a belief system onto you. I facilitate a safe space for you to create healthy change. Feel free to be yourself and to speak your truth during your reading with me.

Over the last few years, it has been an absolute pleasure to assist viewers and listeners on Radio with KFM, SAfm radio, MatieFM – then on TV with KykNet Tussen ons and Kyknet The Cape Daily Show.

I was the resident Psychic on KFM for 2 years during COVID. Carl Wastie invited me onto his show to help lift his listeners’ spirits on Friday afternoons; it was one of the highlights of my life during this time.

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* Gain clarity, guidance, and insight by asking questions
* Connect with loved ones (including pets) who’ve passed over during a Medium reading
* Find out more about love, life, work, family, children, and more.

* Future-based questions are my specialty. I look into alternative outcomes. Knowledge is power.
* Meet your Guides and Higher Beings

* Spiritual guidance
* Find out about your past lives
* Develop your intuition and Psychic abilities

* Online house clearances
* Aura scanning (Health, emotions, guides, and more)

* Learn how to manifest and create positive protective energy around yourself
* Dream Interpretation
* Animal communication
* Couples relationship guidance (Each person has their own private session, then a joint session when they’re ready. The goal is channeling guidance for the health of the individual and the health of the relationship)

I offer readings via online methods such as WhatsApp calling or video calls, Skype, Meets, Teams or our cell phones. Time and space have no influence on my psychic abilities as your Higher Beings will tell us what we need to hear. I’ve done very accurate readings for people all over the world and clients say that they feel very connected to the experience with me. Face-to-face readings are available in Stellenbosch South Africa. Readings are 45 mins or 1.5 hours long. Please send a message to enquire about pricing.

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Ahead of the time, find moments to think about your top 3 most important questions. If you’re finding it hard to prioritize, it can be helpful to write them all down. Seeing things in writing often helps us structure or order our thoughts.

To begin a Psychic reading, I look for an opening clairvoyant vision. It usually takes us straight to something that you need to know and understand about one of your questions. You can then go ahead and ask your first question. I like to unpack each question you’ve asked so that we can expand and explore your options and answers because knowledge is power! The more clarity and understanding you have around your circumstances, the clearer your path will become. Your Higher Guidance and I will look into the past, present, and future of your questions to make this happen for you. I share messages in the form of storytelling, examples, and metaphors to help with integration.

When our time together closes, I release the energy of the session. The access and insight I had into your life return to your Higher Power who protects you. Sometimes we have a lot going on and need strategies and support from our Higher Guidance so you’re welcome to book sessions as often as needed.

Google Review June 2022
‘I have spoken to Emma twice now to assist me with an issue I was having. She’s has given me so much insight and clarification to help me going forward. Having someone tap into a situation that other people cannot, really enables you to move forward much easier on your path. Thank you Emma for giving me that understanding and inner peace.’

When our session begins, you can let me know who you’d like to connect with e.g. your grandmother. Sometimes there are a few loved ones waiting at my office door and they don’t always listen when we ask to speak to one person at a time. Their enthusiasm is quite sweet actually.
As the connection opens, I receive visuals, messages, memories, and emotions in a variety of ways. I’ll describe things as we go along and it’ll become clear who’s communicating and what their messages are. I often find myself smiling because the love that they send through makes us happy.

My passion is to bring light to a medium reading and below is the formula that I use in between your own questions.
Where are you now and who are you with?
Do you visit; if so, what are the signs and how can we tell when you’re visiting?
We miss you; do you know about our lives?
Please share fond memories.
Have we done right by you; are you happy with how we’ve handled your passing?
What was it like to pass, were you aware of us?

If your life circumstances are under a lot of pressure, please feel free to book more than one reading until your situation resolves itself through the guidance channeled from your Guides. People often book a session once a month, once every 3 months, or once every 6 months just so that they can stay on track regarding their life circumstances. You may book as often as you need!

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Google review July 2023
Thank you again Emma for connecting me with my loved ones. It was such a joy and also so comforting. I love how respectful you were and I didn’t feel self-conscious or embarrassed at any time. I would have liked to talk the whole afternoon

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Over the last few years, it has been an absolute pleasure to assist viewers and listeners on Radio with KFM, SAfm radio, MatieFM – then on TV with KykNet Tussen ons and Kyknet The Cape Daily Show.
I was the resident Psychic on KFM for 2 years during COVID. Carl Wastie invited me onto his show to help lift his listeners’ spirits on Friday afternoons; it was one of the highlights of my life during this time.

During a reading, I help you expand upon your future-based questions – because knowledge is power!
The more you understand your options, the more educated your decision-making process will be. What does the future look like if I buy one green apple? 3 red apples? Sell the apples and buy a pineapple? Very few futures are set in stone, but we do have some flexibility. What are our options? Let us find out!
Past lives can play a fascinating role in this lifetime. Sometimes we still carry habits / hobbies / loves from those previous lives, it can be really interesting to find out more about ourselves in this light. Sometimes a past life issue can get activated in this life, then it’s just a matter of removing that ‘thread’ from this lifetime. This way, the effect can slowly fade away. Sometimes a past life trauma is so strong, that we might have a random phobia in this life. That thread cannot be removed but can be subdued to be less reactive.
I love helping my clients understand their natural authentic psychic abilities. We’re all a bit psychic, some of us have practiced a bit more than others. What is psychic other than good intuition taken to the next level? It’s very easy to be psychic like ourselves, and quite hard to copy someone else’s style. What’s natural for you? Because that’ll be the easiest way for you to get to where you want to go.
A lot of my clients love finding out more about their Guides. It could be loved ones from the other side, your Higher Power, your Higher Beings and more! (Depending on your belief system, it could be Angels, Prophets, Guru’s, Buddha, Ascended Masters etc). I love how our Guides come through. How do they connect with us? Through nature, colours, smells, feelings? How can we tell when it’s them? How can I feel it in my body? It’s really interesting to find out.
Then there’s the role that past lives play in this life. Are they still affecting us? Have we shared our past lives with those that we love in this life? If so, how many times? Are there any lessons to learn from these lives and more.
This video explains how to create certain energies around eg. dating profiles and apps, conversations, dates, meeting people and more. It’s about copying and pasting a lovely warm energy from another aspect of your life and placing that feeling into the current goal or experience. For example, when I meet new animals, I share the love I feel for my animals and the new animals melt right into me! I can also paste that feeling into new friendships that are being created. Anything really 🙂