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Golden Being Workshop: I always encourage people to start their journey with The Golden Being workshop. There’s a short and sweet version at the top that only takes 5 – 10 mins. You can do it from anywhere, even in your car before you walk into your office. This workshop brings lovely feelings into your life using the energy of LIKE. It’s easier to work with this energy than trying to imagine scenarios and do visualizations.

If your mind is super busy / overworked / overthinking / ADHD, feel free to watch this video link below to help yourself come back towards yourself before you say affirmations

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Over the last few years, it has been an absolute pleasure to assist viewers and listeners on KFM, SAfm, MATIEfm, KykNet (Tussen ons) and The Cape Daily Show.

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If your life circumstances allow, I see receiving contributions as recognition for all my years of training and experience, as well as the hours spent on channeling and filming.

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I will continue to channel to support those who seek to improve the quality of their lives. May you be inspired, motivated and most of all, may you feel cherished in your own eyes.
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