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KFM Predictions:
In April, I predicted that Zoe (From Carl Wastie’s show on KFM) would be invited to travel in September 2020. Then in August, I asked Carl to let Zoe know about another future vision that I had for her. It was seemingly random… I saw her with lots of blue in a pretty outfit and camera’s and flying in September. She’s just flown to a location, to shoot an advert on the beach. (21 September 2020)

Earlier during lock down, I did a prediction for Jimmy Nevis live on air on KFM with Carl. He asked where his new release would land on the charts and I heard the number 6 repeated. I didn’t know what it meant. Then on 06/06/2020, his song landed at number 1 on the charts for the entire 6th month of the year!