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Have you ever wondered why affirmations don’t always seem to work? It’s usually because there’s missing steps. The information below will help you to discover what’s been missing in your processes. If your mind is super busy / over worked / over thinking / ADHD, watch this tik tok before doing the affirmations!

Don’t ever tell your Higher Power what to do, simply ask for realistic and soothing assistance without trigger words. It is a Higher Power, not a cashier at a supermarket. It knows things that we don’t. All we can do is make ourselves receptive to its assistance by creating a safe space in our inner world.

Our Higher Power will need to pull some strings so that healthy changes can take place. Some people want immediate change and that can be quite dramatic or stressful. One could finish every affirmation with: ‘And whatever is needed for my highest good and that will bring me ease’

Change can be scary, if you really do want the change, allow the change to happen. If you block the change that you asked for, your affirmation won’t manifest.

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I’ve been channeling affirmations for my clients for over 15 years and what I’ve noticed is that a lot of well-known affirmations don’t seem to work half the time. They’re often too idealistic and actually not that honest. That’s exactly why they don’t work. Your subconscious knows when it’s being lied to.

For example, you can affirm ‘I am happy’ until you’re blue in the face but it won’t work because your subconscious knows that you’re feeling real down. So ‘I am happy’ is actually an untruth.
Be wary of using untrue, unrealistic, or fantasy-based wording, your subconscious will block you.

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A negative side effect of using untrue / idealistic / fantasy affirmations is the growing awareness of the sense of lack.

‘I am happy’. Happiness is not a sustainable state. It is always fleeting and temporary and actually an extreme emotion. Once we’ve experienced this happiness and the moment is over, we drop back down to our normal state – which in comparison to this high state, could seem like a down feeling or even depression. Longing for the perfect emotion of happiness full-time will create a lot of disappointment in the comparison of lack thereof. Over the years I’ve had several clients complain, ‘When will I ever be happy?’. Well, the moment you use sustainable emotion words, your subconscious will be a lot more willing to help as it can’t do happiness full time so it’ll block your request.

‘I look forwards to feeling light moments’.
‘I look forwards to feeling a sense of contentment’.
‘I look forwards to feeling satisfied with some of my needs being met’.
(Not all needs, not happiness, not perfection)

The wording is everything. Are you asking for help or demanding something that really can’t be accomplished?

‘I’d be grateful for a washing machine that works and that is in my budget, be it new or second-hand’. VERSUS
‘I want a brand new super expensive top-of-the-range washing machine for free’.
‘Please help me find a source of sustainable income’ VERSUS
‘I want a job that pays millions tomorrow’ (Even though I don’t have any qualifications or start up money)
‘I will win the lotto’ VERSUS
‘I am grateful for any gifts the universe has to offer’.
If you’d like personalised affirmations and assistance to speed up your process, you’re welcome to hire me for private reading by clicking on the WhatsApp button. For the most power, I recommend that you work with the Golden Being affirmation on the free tips page.

Make sure that you resonate completely with the words beings used. The moment you feel a shadow/doubt in your gut, you’re not using the right words and must try something different. Maybe a concern is a monetary one, in that you don’t have it. To ask for money in this example would be said from a space of concern, that’s not a positive feeling, so it’ll block you. Use words that don’t bring forward the sense of lack.
For example, ‘I enjoy watching the numbers in my account go up.’
Not bank account, maybe the word bank makes you think of debt, and that will create a shadow.
‘I like it when pieces of paper come my way, let it rain!’
We didn’t use the word money, maybe when you think about money it stresses you out.

Do the work regularly so that your inner world remains receptive. If you say the affirmation 3 times and never again, it’s not going to help in the bigger scheme of things. Keep it easy and regular. Kind of like showering as often as needed / washing your dishes after use / sweeping the floor if it’s dirty / wiping down the kitchen counter after use.

If you go to the physio, you’ll be guided to simple stretches/exercises that you can do daily to aid your healing journey. If you never do the exercises nor go back for follow-ups, you essentially waste your time and money. It’s the same with affirmations.

‘My view brings me contentment.’
‘I love my dog’s cute wiggly tail.’
‘This tablecloth is oddly satisfying’.

These sound strange, but if we’re going to reassure and calm our subconscious/inner child, we need to reassure it with the smaller things. Then this inner self will agree because it is true! ‘Yes, I do enjoy my dog and the view is nice and I actually do like this tablecloth. Ah, I am in fact feeling content’. With this feeling of gratitude and contentment, we make ourselves available to true change that is for our highest good. We are now receptive to the real affirmations that we’d like to do because our inner world is enjoying the experience.

So, to conclude, if you want to improve your emotional state, always ask for satisfaction and contentment. Your inner world does know what is satisfying and will start looking for those moments if you encourage it to do so. Suddenly all the small pleasurable things become bigger and then you feel better.

If you’d like personalised affirmations and assistance to speed up your process, you’re welcome to hire me for private reading by clicking on the WhatsApp button. For the most power, I recommend that you work with the Golden Being on the free tips page.

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‘I’m looking forwards to feeling content and satisfied as security comes towards me.’
This would be financial security but don’t ask for finances, just ask for security. Your inner world will know what you mean. Your Higher Power will know how to get the ball rolling.
‘I’m looking forwards to my goals becoming attainable.’
‘I have hope that things will improve.’
‘Even though things aren’t ok right now, I’ve always bounced back in the past and have hope that I’ll bounce back this time too’
End every affirmation with: Let this be healthy for my soul, may it bring me ease and may it be for my highest good. I hand this over to you (Your Higher Powers name), I hand this over to you, I hand this over to you!

General daily moments of like are very effective at keeping our inner world receptive for healthy change with our affirmations. Not fake gratitude though, authentic wonderment. Feel into your immediate moment, even if you’re in crisis, and find just a little something that you can like in that moment, even if it’s your socks.

-I’m really glad that it’s raining. Now I don’t have to water my garden and I get to watch the birds splashing around in the bird bath.
-It’s so cute to see my dog snuggling with her new blanket.
-Well, today has been awful but it is nice to come home to these fluffy slippers!
– My job sucks but I really do have a nice view which gets me through the day.
-Even though we’re having a power out and it’s cold, I’m really grateful for my gas heater!
-I love it when the sun shines through the leaves.
– I don’t have the energy to do anything physical that I was planning on doing, but it is nice to catch up on my favorite show.
-I’m so glad I hung rainbow makers by my windows because when the sun is shining, there are rainbows everywhere.
– Even though I sometimes feel lonely at night, I love it when my cat comes to cuddle and purrs in my ear.
-I’m really enjoying the sound of the rain.
– I hate having to wake up early for work but I do love the sounds of the birds.
-I’m tired so I’m going to settle down and watch a movie with my favorite fluffy blanket!
– Even though I’m feeling depressed, I’m so grateful for my sweet housemates.

The ‘Even though’ affirmations are powerful as they acknowledge how you feel and suggest hope to your subconscious mind. It is literally your subconscious/inner child that is holding onto fear in the aspects of your life that aren’t working out at the moment. Reassure them and they’ll be more receptive to your future goals, such as security.

“Even though I’m sad, I really hope the doctor will be able to help my mood improve.”
“Even though I’m broke, I’ve had money before and I have always come right in the past. I have hope that I’ll come right again.”
“Even though I don’t have a lot of friends at the moment, I know I just need to go out and do activities that I like so that I can meet like-minded people.”
“Even though I’m feeling really low, my friends are reaching out to show their support so it’s a huge relief to know that they’ll be there for me when I get out of this slump.”

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