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I’ve always had a very organic approach to receiving these beautiful reviews. People just write them and it’s like it’s my birthday when I see what they’ve written. If you’re one of these people below, thank you for making my day!

These are some of the reviews I have received over the years 🙂

Jeanet Witbooi
I did know what to expect and did not have high hopes.. She was an amazing person and what she told me were spot on… I don’t know how to describe the experience because every thing she said was true and everything happened exactly as she said it would be… She makes you feel comfortable and the goofy side her makes you relaxed.. I can recommend her with pride and confidence that you will surely be satisfied after you session is done… I will give all the stars that reflect on this side she is worth so much i hope she knows it…

Joanel Kruger
Most amazing experience. It helped me so much after the death of my son few months ago. I would really recommend Emma. She is so nice and i felt so comfortable to talk to her. I really got more out of this than what i thought i would. Will be speaking to her again. Really amazing!

Joshua Patterson
I had never engaged with a psychic prior to today, however Emma was incredibly welcoming and was able to provide significant insight into my life without me saying a word. She has genuine abilities and is gracious enough to use those abilities to help others in the betterment of themselves. I highly recommended ?

Kelly Solomons
Emma is really gifted and insightful. My first reading was a 30 minute video call and I was interested in a past life reading and she gave me clarity, everything she told me made alot of sense. She is easy to talk to and takes her work very seriously.
The first reading went well so I did a second face to face reading and it was even more magical than the first, she used crystals and her very pretty oracle deck to do a general reading for me and everything she brought up was current issues that I needed clarity and guidance on. The information she gave me was consistent and relevant and it feels like I’ve gone for therapy after I speak to her. She is amazing, honest and gifted.

Over the last few years, it has been an absolute pleasure to assist viewers and listeners on radio with KFM, SAfm radio, MatieFM – then on TV with KykNet Tussen ons and Kyknet The Cape Daily Show.
I was the resident Psychic on KFM for 2 years during COVID. Carl Wastie invited me onto his show to help lift his listeners’ spirits on Friday afternoons; it was one of the highlights of my life during this time.

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Frances Browning
I have had a number of different readings done with Emma over the last few years and she has always been extremely accurate, especially with dates and timelines. Emma is a wonderful person and she really lives up to her name Happy Light. I highly recommend her.

Brenda Marx
Emma has a gift, and she sees and can communicate with your spirits and angels. Things you don’t understand now, you will in time. She can connect with your past, present and future. Forces we can’t yet scientifically measure are at work, and she can connect you with them.
I have received messages from her that were so apt, I can’t explain it without sounding silly.

Jade Rynhoud
Thank you Emma for your honesty and guidance and helping me see things in a different light and opening myself up to start the healing process. will definitely be back in the future.

Zonika Koen
I am always astounded at how accurate Emma’s readings are without me giving her any information on my current situation. She is extremely talented. I always feel lighter and ready to take on the world when I leave her healing room. I have grown so much and learned a lot from her guidance. She has made an incredible difference in my life. Emma has many different services that she offers. My favourites are her aura scanning and her different workshops. I have done her Abundance workshop, Crystal workshop, Protection workshop and Meet Your Guides workshop and all of them have been so helpful and informative. Her abundance workshop is especially amazing and I can highly recommend it! Emma has also been teaching me to develop my own abilities and understand them better. I absolutely love everything she has taught me. Emma is an amazing, easy going person that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Flowers Yellow
She is absolutely amazing and accurate. Love the love and love the honesty!!!

Werner Reyneke
For more than 5 years now Emma has done readings for me and they are astonishingly accurate and helpful! I’m so grateful to have Emma’s guidance and wisdom through her higher dimensional channel to nudge me in the right direction.

Selah joy
Emma made me feel at home right away. She has an excellent way of working with the emotions we feel and translates them into practical advice and solutions that we can apply in our everyday life. I always leave Emma with a fresh perspective and a feeling like “yes, I can”.

Michelle Fourie
I have had the privilege of knowing Emma for over 5 years. When I have a reading I do not disclose the reason for seeing her but she is always spot-on with her readings. She is a very down-to-earth and easy person to talk to. When I leave her I feel supercharged and know that the information she has given me will transpire in my life. An amazing person!

Alexander Roux
Emma has always been a great help to me in a time of need. Her guidance is always filled with love and her intuition is spot on. I highly recommend her services.

Jayson Msawenkosi
When I met Emma, I was lost in a spiritual world. She made me understand who I am and where my life is going through communication with my ancestors and her guides.

Engela Potgieter
My experience with Emma is that she is grounded and to-the-point.

Theodor Van der Merwe
Emma’s readings are insightful, thoughtful, and to the point. Her approach to readings is well rounded and she has a keen ability to get to one’s core concerns and often has pragmatic advice on how to resolve them.

Rene Walker
Hi Emma! Just a big thank you for always being there when I need help and clarity in my upsidedown life! ?? Your willingness to give me advice when needed to so much appreciated! You’re the best!! Lotsa love and light ??

Lavonne Bosman
I’ve found a lot of value in the readings I’ve had with Emma. It’s helped me find clarity and solutions to issues in my life. She is very open-minded and nurturing in her approach and I’d recommend her any day! 🙂

Amber Moon
Emma is an amazing Psychic, a medium which I have had the pleasure of knowing for a number of years! she is refreshingly honest and accurate and gets to the point with ease, empathy, and compassion.

Gavin Sher
Emma’s insight is always spot on and her willingness to speak the truth to me, without holding anything back, has been of tremendous value to me whenever I have sought her guidance.

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