*No Refunds: You can reschedule with advance notice. Rescheduled appointments can not always happen quickly due to a 4 – 6 month waiting period for a reading. Last minute cancellations are not refundable. If there’s an emergency from my side, we can reschedule or I can refund you.
*Late: If you are late for your appointment, I have clients one after the other and can’t make up your time.
*I don’t gamble, do locations, names, describe physical appearance of a future love, tarot or free one on one readings. No pregnancy, birth or death predictions.
*The future is changeable.
*Questions: It’s your responsibility to make sure you ask your 3 questions during your 45min reading.
*Anecdotes: Please note that I might refer to a small segment of your reading at times as an example of how my services work or as an anecdote. Your identity and personal information will remain confidential at all times.