* Payment is due 7 days before your session and secures your booking. The payment is non refundable, however you may reschedule with advance notice. If payment has not been received 7 days before, your appointment will be given to someone on the waiting list. 

*If you are late to call for your appointment, I cannot guarantee that you will receive the full amount of time that you booked for as I have clients one after the other.

*If you do not call on time or at all, I cannot guarantee that you’ll get another appointment soon as I’m usually fully booked 1 month in advance. Repeat offenders loose their booking.

*No refunds for sad or bad news.

*I don’t gamble, do locations, names, tarot or free one on one readings.

*Please don’t ask me if someone will live or die.

*The future is changeable and through experimentation, I have discovered that I have a 70% success rate. Thus I explore all future options, for example, if you call before Monday, this will be the outcome but if you visit the office on Friday, that will be the outcome.
Sometimes the future splits into 2 roads indicating that you can change the future by making a decision. Sometimes there is only one road which means the future is set in stone.