Psychic protection and good luck

During this session Emma will cut release negative energy attachments, remove entities, curses, spells and psychic attack. She will also remove chords and cleanse away negative energies residing in your energy field.

If you’re worried that you’re under psychic attack, please contact me for help! How to tell if you are:

  • A feeling of heaviness or like there’s a cloud hanging over you
  • Feeling angry or on edge for no reason
  • Feelings of irrational guilt, worry or anxiety are plaguing you
  • Feeling like you can’t breath
  • Feeling disorientated all of a sudden
  • Your behaviour changes and you aren’t feeling like yourself
  • A long string of bad luck
  • Stabbing pains that are unusual and without a good reason
  • You feel scared or unsafe for no reason
  • Sudden depressive state with no cause.

Please note that superstition and fear can make psychic attacks worse, it adds fuel to the fire. Please whatsapp message me should you need reassurance. I have a good relationship with the dark side, I know how to sooth them so that they stop hurting us and leave willingly into the light, never to return. I know how to remove psychic damage from our energy fields and most importantly, I always replace darkness with LIGHT so that we can find balance once more!

In closing, I always add a good luck shield in front of you (it’s golden!), it’ll help better things come your way. You can also just ask me to do a good luck shield if we don’t have time to do psychic protection as well.

Psychic Emma is on KFM with DJ Carl once a month to provide his listeners with clarity. She has also appeared on / been heard on SAfm, MATIEfm and KykNet (Tussen Ons)

Some free tips:

  1. Protection crystals: Black Tourmaline, Obsidian, Smokey Quartz, Amethyst
  2. Chakra balancing crystals: Kyanite. Literally the ninja of crystals for chakra’s. The one crystal that does it all with minimum fuss or effort, just wear it on your body as a necklace or in your pocket.
  3. Salt: Place salt in little bowls all around the house, especially next to your bed. It acts as a deterrent for bad energies. It cleanses and protects you from negative energy influences such as spells, muti, entities and bad spirits.
  4. Epsom salt bath: It cleanses your energy field within 15 minutes and is good for your body too.
  5. Sage: Burning sage in the space that feels heavy or dark to you will give the space a lift and the energy will become lighter. If you yourself feel heavy, try all the tips above.
  6. Incense: Same as above. The ones that are most effective for me are Frankincense, Sage or any of them that refer to the Golden Light in some way (Through imagery or wording).
  7. Visualisations with the Golden Light: As mentioned above, golden energy is very powerful. It cleanses and protects you from outward and inward sources. Inward being self defeating habits etc. My Christian clients who are psychic can see this being and call it The Messiah. Every single one of them on their own without my prompting. I have no religion and prefer to stay neutral but it is very powerful and healing. Any area with a block, e.g. you have a headache, visualise the Golden Being cutting a black chord away from your head and surrounding you with Golden Light, like you’re in a golden bubble. I find this being to be most powerful as when it removes chords, nooses from around your body, bad attachments etc, it removes them by cutting the chord, but also by removing the seed of the chord from you. Therefore, the cycle cannot continue. Phew, it’s complicated but pure.

Another free tip to speed up your journey of healing, abundance and change:
I allow the Golden Being to step back in time, on all sides of time, in all universes, alternative dimensions and realities, to heal aspects of me that are ready for change and for my highest good. Please surround my past, present and future with Golden Light so that I can experience healthy change. I give you permission to help me.

(You can do visualisations to add to the power of the Golden Being with water. As you shower or bath, imagine that the water is sparkling with gold light and covering you so that you look like you’re made of gold glitter / dust.)