Past life readings and trauma release

During a past life reading, I can tell you all about your past lives and how they are currently influencing you or how they’ve shaped who you are today.

Past lives come into the body through the base of your spine. It looks like long thin feathers that reach out behind you into the past life that it is connected to. Almost like peacock feathers. The beautiful past lives are feathers of sparkling bright colours while the past lives that trouble us are dark in colour.

Some of our past lives are truly beautiful. Have you ever wondered if you’ve known your children or partner in another life? I help many clients to find out. Some loves are eternal and greater than time itself! Some stories are beautiful as my clients discover that personality quirks can travel through life times together. 

Past life trauma

If your behaviour has changed in an usual way or if you’ve developed a new fear or phobia, it could be a past life influencing this life. One client suddenly developed a fear of water and I followed a dark feather into a past life where he drowned because he fell overboard a ship. In another example, my client developed a fear of knives out of the blue. I followed a dark feather and found that she had been attacked and stabbed many times with a small knife by her brother in her previous life.