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Protection, Abundance and Good Luck Tips

Protection Tips

Chakra balancing crystals: Kyanite. Literally the ninja of crystals for chakra’s. The one crystal that does it all with minimum fuss or effort, just wear it on your body as a necklace or in your pocket.

Protection crystals: Black Tourmaline, Obsidian, Smokey Quartz, Amethyst

Salt: Place salt in little bowls all around the house, especially next to your bed. It acts as a deterrent for bad energies. It cleanses and protects you from negative energy influences such as spells, muti, entities and bad spirits.

Epsom salt bath: It cleanses your energy field within 15 minutes and is good for your body too.

Sage: Burning sage in the space that feels heavy or dark to you will give the space a lift and the energy will become lighter. If you yourself feel heavy, try all the tips above.

Incense: Same as above. The ones that are most effective for me are Frankincense, Sage or any of them that refer to the Golden Light in some way (Through imagery or wording).

Visualisations with the Golden Light: golden energy is very powerful. It cleanses and protects you from outward and inward sources. Inward being self defeating habits etc. My Christian clients who are psychic can see this being and call it The Messiah. Every single one of them on their own without my prompting. I have no religion and prefer to stay neutral but it is very powerful and healing. From the feedback I’ve gathered, this Being is considered holy by all religions.
Any area with a block, e.g. you have a headache, visualise the Golden Being creating a golden buble and placing it around the problem area. I find this being to be most powerful as when it removes chords, nooses from around your body, bad attachments etc, it removes them by cutting the chord, but also by removing the seed of the chord from you. Therefore, the cycle cannot continue. Read below.

Golden Being and Protection and Abundance affirmation (All in one)

We can only create a new future when we have healed the past. This affirmation allows the Golden Being to travel back in time to heal parts of you that are ready for change and to receive sunshine.

A free affirmation to help you begin this journey of improving the quality of your life:
I allow the Golden Being to step back in time, on all sides of time, in all universes, alternative dimensions and realities, to heal aspects of me that are ready for change and for my highest good. Please surround my past, present and future with Golden Light so that I can experience healthy change and a better future. I give you permission to help me and bring me ease.

(You can do visualisations to add to the power of the Golden Being with water. As you shower or bath, imagine that the water is sparkling with gold light and covering you so that you look like you’re made of gold glitter / dust.)

Affirmations to change your luck

Please note that these affirmations create change and abundance, it’s abundance in any form, more friends, a washing machine, a car that works, maybe even money. The point of affirmations is to make sure that you resonate completely with the words beings used. The moment you feel a shadow / doubt in your gut, you’re not using the right words and must try a different word.
For example: ‘I like receiving money.’ Most people are intimidated by the word money, so they would experience a niggly / shadow response to the use of that word. Don’t use it then.

Rather try: ‘I love it when pieces of paper come my way, it makes me feel so good!’.
‘I love it when the numbers in my account go up’
‘I’m looking forwards to feeling content and satisfied as security comes towards me.’
‘I’m so excited because my goals are becoming attainable.’
‘I have hope that things will improve.’
‘I am looking forwards to more sunshine in my life’
‘Even though I’m not in a good place now, better things are coming my way’

Crystals for Abundance and luck

Citrine, the stone which embodies a vibrant golden hue that signifies exactly that, gold! Known as the “Lucky Merchant’s Stone” citrine is believed to bring people financial success and wealth. In fact, this make it one of the most demanded stones for luck.

It is also one of the most powerful crystals for manifesting, especially in terms of promoting success in businesses. The crystal is said to carry the might and power of the sun, carrying its abundance. Citrine can also help in improving your mood and brings optimism to your side.

Believed to be one of the luckiest gemstone available, green aventurine. Its name is derived from the Latin term Aventura which means chance, making it quit be useful in attracting good luck and wealth as well as stabilizing your financial situations. If you carry a piece of Green Aventurine in the left side pocket, apparently it can bring you luck. So, if you wish to try to boost your good fortune or finances, then Green aventurine is a must-have.

Labradorite is the gemstone that brings serendipity, synchronicity and good fortune with its positive vibration. Particularly, labradorite is more useful whenever you are feeling stuck in life and need the motivation to get things flowing again.