Psychic Medium readings with Emma

Readings with Emma, a psychic medium, are via whatsapp calling, video calling, skype, zoom or our cell phones. During this pandemic, I am not offering face to face appointments.

Time and space has no relevance when it comes to my psychic abilities. I’ve done very accurate readings for people all over the world. My clients say it’s like I’m sitting in the room with them. 

My psychic reading can be an excellent way to gain some perspective, almost like taking an “aerial” view – an overview of a particular situation, set of conditions or life patterns. It helps you to identify what is influencing your success, and what you can do about it. This is an opportunity to heal through the information given by your guides.

Your guides provide you with great insight and understanding of your current concerns, helping you to find the clarity and healing that you deeply desire. Perfect for gaining clarity into your life, love life and work experiences. 

Get a psychic reading when you want to evaluate your options, or you need a little direction for the future. We can help you choose the best route.

Would you like to know what is really going on, or what it all means, when you’re faced with a complicated problem and you want to look a little more deeply into your circumstances; whether it’s about a battle in the office, a family feud, or a long series of losses. 

I can help you understand the underlying dynamics and give you some valuable ideas about what you can do to get things back on track.

During this time we can:

  • Offer clarity and guidance and help you to find solutions and strategies
  • Release blocks that might be holding you back or causing physical symptoms
  • Interpret dreams
  • Connect with your higher self
  • Connect with loved ones who have passed
  • Meet your guides
  • Catch a glimpse into the future
  • Find out about your past lives and who you’ve shared them with

It’s recommended that you have a reading  about every 8 – 12 weeks as a session helps to cleanse your energy field. The energy is programmed to raise your vibration, cleanse out dark energies and replace it with light. As you speak your aura will be awash with light and the healing guides will be providing the healing that is needed. At the end, you will feel light and refreshed, a healing would have taken place.

Psychic Emma is on KFM with DJ Carl once a month to provide his listeners with clarity. She has also been heard on / appeared on SAfm, MATIEfm and KykNet (Tussen ons)