Aura scanning

The true majesty of the aura is that it doesn’t lie. In this luminescent sheen, all untold beauty lies waiting to be discovered. We all have auras, that colorful field that decorates the Light Body. Plants, animals and people.

Most of the time, the aura is seen as layers of color around the subject and can have several meanings. I can tune in to see which of these colours are your guides, are reflections of your emotions, are reflections of your health and more. A vibrant color indicates spiritual awareness and wellbeing while dull or muddied colors reveal a sluggishness in self-knowledge, possible depression and even sickness. 

The location of each color will also illuminate many interesting facets. For instance, if someone carries red around their chest, it may indicate a frustrated heart. Kidneys are usually bright yellow but if unhealthy, they can go an off green yellow. An idealistic thinker will usually have a large bright emerald green cloud in front of their head. Someone with a strong connection to Source will have a very bright white light coming up from their crown chakra leading to Source. Someone who is stuck in a negative pattern will literally have a brick wall in front of their face. A broken bone looks like there’s a line going through the bone, often with grey around the edges. A red dot on the head can indicate headaches. A knife can indicate stabbing pain and so forth.

During an aura scan, I can point out the following:

  • Health
  • Emotions
  • Guides
  • Angels – Connection to Source and your relationship to it
  • Future information might present itself

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