Examples of the sunshine that the guides bring to us:

  • A few years ago, I was at a festival enjoying the sunshine and sitting next to a river. I was staring into space when suddenly, a deceased man grabbed my attention and begged me to tell the young man in front of me that he visits him all the time. I don’t like to look into peoples lives without their permission / consent so I was a bit worried he wouldn’t take it well. I went up to him and said, ‘Excuse me, I work as a Psychic Medium and there’s a message for you from the other side. Are you interested?’ He was very interested and the old man started telling me stories about their lives together, how even though he wasn’t the young mans father, he’d seen him as his son. The old man, lets call him Father, started reciting the message that the young man had written for his funeral. It was a very emotional 2 hours of our lives as they shared fond memories through me.
  • A friend of mine was fire dancing on the beach in the early evening. The last rays of the sunset were retreating across the white sands. As she danced, I became aware of the lace on the back of her shirt and how it looked exactly like the flower of life. It stretched across the whole of her back and was really beautiful. When she was done dancing, she came over to say hi and then I realised that there was no flower of life on her back. I mentioned this to her and she was so excited. She had been planning to get a flower of life tattoo in exactly the spot I described, exactly the same size, exactly the same colour. She asked me, ‘Does it look nice?’ It did indeed.
  • A client started the session by requesting my services as a Medium. Ok, not a problem, that’s what I do. The first person to come through was an older lady and she kept going on about her hair. She just stood in my doorway showing me long hair, flicking it around and getting exasperated with me as I waited for a message to come through or for this to make sense. Eventually the old lady said, ‘Just tell her about the hair.’. Having no idea what I was talking about, I described the scene and my client was so excited because that was the sign that she asked for from her grandmother. It was a very interesting reading because her grandmother was psychic as well. Her grandmother gave her the reading, not me. It was beautiful!
  • A personal story here… I was contemplating getting a cat. Then one night, as I walked down the passage, I heard a cat running up and down meowing. I immediately knew this was my cat calling me. Once a year, in December, my Egyptian guide comes to visit me and always makes a big change in my life. Only in December, every year and only once a year. So he appears at the animal welfare and starts pointing. I have to follow the human man showing me all the cats but there my guide is, patiently waiting and pointing in the direction that I need to go. Finally the guide says, ‘Yes, we’re here’, and shows that I should walk to the end of the passage and choose the cat in the left. So I walk there, look to the left and say, ‘Hello’. The cats face lights up and she meows in response. I go in to pick her up and she melts into my arms and nuzzles my neck. Oh so sweet! A few days later I take her home. I send a photo of her to a friend of mine and she gets really excited and says, ‘Your cat is Egyptian!’. This makes total sense to me as it was my Egyptian guide that chose her. I began to notice that she didn’t respond to the name the shelter called her by. We tried all names under the sun, knowing that she’d pick her own name. Finally, after making lots of strange noises as experiments, I heard ‘Babu’ followed by a song called ‘Babushka’. I said Babu and the cat meowed in response, she’d chosen her name! I googled the meaning of Babu, In Egyptian Baby Names the meaning of the name Babu is: Osiris’s firstborn. Again, it makes complete sense. My guide, that I met in Egypt, chose my pet for me, what a wonderful experience!
  • A company asked me to do a corporate reading for them. I sat in quiet contemplation for a while, trying to understand all the information coming forwards. Eventually I explained to them that if they continued to spend the way they were, they’d have no money left end December (This was in April). They scoffed at me as their company was successful and were dismissive of what I said. In early January the following year, one of the staff members contacted me and let me know that the prediction was accurate, they ran out of money and no one got a year end bonus.
  • I had 2 sisters do readings with me. What made this experience unusual was seeing their guide. As in, they share a guide. Something that I’ve never seen or heard of before. Their Guide appeared in a field of sunflowers that were growing in the desert. Her eyes reminded me of a Siamese cat and her skin was a beautiful and sun kissed. She peered at me through a veil and told me she was from Arabia. She told me her name and it sounded like Ehyalady. My client googled it and found that the Arabic meaning of it is wise lady. The one sister had just gotten a tattoo of a sunflower 2 weeks before her reading and between the two of them, they exchanged images of sunflowers regularly. Amazing how our subconscious knows before we do.
  • Many years ago, when I was infinitely younger and inexperienced, I went to Egypt where I met one of my guides. It was a third eye tour and we explored many sacred and ancient temples. We had special permissions go to sacred sites denied to the general public. I remember going to an ancient temple where the public was not allowed and it was patrolled by guards with rifles.
    When we explored the Giza pyramids, I went into the main chamber of the main pyramid and I saw a ray of Light emanating through the room. I sensed the sarcophagus was supposed to be in the ray of light but must have been moved. As if it was planned, the chamber emptied and I immediately stepped into the ray of light. I found myself having an out of body experience and was transported to the top of the pyramid. As in, I was standing outside on top of the structure, looking over the grey skies of Cairo from high up. There was an older man and he demanded to know what I was doing there as spiritually, I was not ready for ascension to the 5th dimension. Later, I found out that it was Serapis Bey. He is known as the Egyptian God of the underworld, but as I experienced him, he transports souls to a higher realm. He insisted that I go back into my body but I explained to him that it was my first time out of my body, I didn’t know what I was doing or how to go back. He replied, just think it and it will manifest. So I did and I was suddenly back in my body. I instinctively felt that I should quickly step out of the ray of light and the moment I did, it changed colour and the man (Serapis) stepped into the chamber. He said I should hold the energy in my auric field as I would be working with this energy for years to come. I felt a download of information flow through me as the visions began to dissipate. I feel like all these years later, I’m still unpacking the downloads and I’m enjoying the journey.
    He is my healing guide for my clients, I call him the Golden Being, my Christian clients call him the Messiah, my Hindu clients say he’s sacred and my Muslim clients say the energy is holy. You may decide for yourself.
  • Again, when I was in Egypt, I rode a camel up Mount Sinai late at night to watch the sun rise over the desert. Besides for the conversations with the camel (animal communication / telepathy is a thing I do), an Angel appeared on the camels head and told me to look up through the clouds. As I did, the guide (human, a real person) said, yes that’s the top of the mountain where we’re going. The thing is, what I saw was a whirling stream and torrent of beings of light, Angels, call them what you like but there were thousands of them swirling around the peak of the mountain. All this stuff about being spiritual at the top of a mountain at sunrise made a bit more sense to me. We stopped at a mountain hut, it was FREEZING! Night time in the desert is no joke. The last hour to the top we had to walk ourselves. I was really struggling, it was very steep, dark and I was overwhelmed. A lady appeared next to me (A Being of Light, not human) and walked with me every step of the way. She encouraged me to keep going and I felt like layers of… illusions were being washed off me with each step I took. Once we reached the top of the mountain, we were surrounded by crowds of people (humans) from all walks of life. Dressed in a variety of ceremonial robes, chanting, singing, being generally quite emotional as the sun rose. I felt that my journey was done, I was exhausted from the emotional work that the lady (not human) put me through. I described her to people in my tour and they confirmed that she is Isis, the wife of Osiris. For months afterwards, she came for visits, always warm, encouraging and nurturing.