About Emma

As a Psychic Medium and energy therapist, Emma has over 15 years experience and offers you the opportunity to heal through the information given by your guides. She was born this way and her earliest psychic memory is from when she was 4 years old.

She provides you with great insight and understanding of your current concerns, helping you to find the clarity and healing that you deeply desire. Her sessions are focused entirely on you and your belief system is respected and honoured, thus ensuring that your needs are met. Her heart and mind is open, making this a safe space to be open and to be yourself. She loves connecting with your guides, ancestors and Angels as they provide all the information needed for your session. Ask questions about them, get to know them, they really want you to.

Emma begins every session with an introduction about her services, followed by 15 mins of clairvoyant visions. They help the client and herself to feel connected. The visions usualy lead to the clients questions. She can also use her two self channelled and designed deck of colour therapy cards during the readings by request. She designed her own deck as she sees all aspects of energy in colour and needed a deck of cards to reflect this.  She also does crystal constellations. What you can expect from a reading with her is a mix of styles. Her overall goal is to sooth emotions ie. Lets get that confusing mush out of your head and reshuffle it so that it becomes easier to manage with greater understanding and some channeled self management tips.

Psychic Emma is on KFM once a month to share her gifts with DJ Carl’s listeners. She has also been heard on / appeared on SAfm, MATIEfm and KykNet (Tussen ons).

Your Beings (Angels, Ascended Masters, Archangels, Guides, Guardians, Higher Self, Ancestors, etc…) will bring understanding and soothing Light to the situation. Sometimes your guides offer practical guidance, like don’t buy that car or see your doctor today for the best results. Anything that is needed for your highest good will happen! I’m getting more and more future visions and my clients keep coming back for more (with lots of positive feedback). From my side, this is a surprising development of my psychic skills. I also see past lives, ancestry lines and lives lived on other planets. I do dream interpretation. Pretty much anything that needs to come forwards will.

My psychic abilities came to me at a very young age, I remember dreaming the future before primary school, having prophetic dreams, playing catch catch with a me from another dimension at the age of 5, seeing angels and more. I ignored it for many years and then in 2005, I decided to go into it and develop it like a tennis player develops and practices ball skills. I believe that my abilities are just intuitive skills taken to the next level through lots of practice and a natural inclination. 

I also believe that we all have these skills, but most of us, for whatever reason, don’t trust our intuition or don’t allow ourselves to see. I feel it’s one of my missions to help people bridge that gap, and so I offer one on one or group intuition classes via online methods.  Readings with a psychic medium will really help you find this clarity.

When I am doing readings, I feel a different energy come through me and into my body. Those who know we well can see the change in me the moment I slip off into that space where its so easy to access these higher energies. I allow that energy to flow through me and have learnt not to interfere nor to try and control it. This loving energy tells me what to do, so that what ever I do, it is for your highest good. They tell me what to say, so that your message is pure. They guide me, so you know that you are being held and cared for. All the loving energy that flows in is all focused on you and it is a very special time! 

For me, receiving energy work is like seeing a therapist. You know you’re being helped and supported that takes the load off.  I find that a reading is like a little miracle. Each time you come for a session or a reading, it makes a difference. It prepares you for the next leg of your journey. It balances and realigns the energy field and so much more. 

Readings with a psychic medium will help you reconnect more deeply with yourself.

Emma Sunshine

Readings with psychic medium Emma can assist you in the following ways:

  • When you find yourself at a cross roads and need to make important decisions
  • When you require clarity, insight and perspective in your life
  • When you require more information into your love life, work and children
  • When you want to connect with a loved one who has passed
  • When you require emotional healing and balance in your life
  • Psychic protection, abundance reading

Emma specialises in:

  • Psychic readings
  • Past life readings
  • Connecting with loved ones who have passed
  • Dream interpretation
  • Aura scanning
  • Body scanning to check for health concerns
  • Introducing you to your guides
  • Chord cuttings, block removal, entity removal, removal of curses and psychic attack and cleansing of negative energies residing in your energy field.