Messages are channelled and come from the Beings of Light. What ever message comes through, I have to be true to the message, I cannot change it so that you hear what you want to hear instead of the truth as it’s unethical for me.

It’s your responsibility to be available at the agreed upon time. If you’re late, I cannot guarantee that I can give you the full amount of time that you’ve booked as I usually have clients one after the other. I won’t refund the amount of time that wasn’t used as it’s your responsibility to be on time.

Payment the day before secures your booking, it’s non refundable as we can just reschedule if something comes up. If I haven’t received your payment by the day of your booking, your appointment will be given to someone on the waiting list. 

If you agree with me during a reading, acknowledge my accuracy and then ask for a refund, it will be denied. Sad or bad news does not equate a refund.