Abundance classes

Have you found that abundance affirmations generally don’t seem to work? This has been my experience for many years. I became fascinated that it was something so widely known but has little success. I started doing research and attended many courses and various therapy techniques until I created a formula that has had incredible results. These abundance workshops or classes are a great way to shift the blocks that prevent you from reaching your full potential!

The goal is to manifest what you need, be it money, an easy way to fix your car or find a home. This classes are focused on conversations with your subconscious mind. If your subconscious mind doesn’t believe what you’re affirming, it will resist and the chances of you manifesting what you need won’t be successful. You need to find the right words with the right phrases so that your won’t feel resistance when saying them.

It could be the difference between saying, ‘I find it easy to earn money’ versus, ‘Pieces of green paper love coming to me!’. In this example, the person experienced resistance to the words ‘money’ and ‘earn’.¬†What are your resistance words and phrases?

Have you been saying affirmations wrong all these years?

I find this course material amazing for when…
-You need to get something done but you’re worried or scared for the outcome (have a fear of failure).
-You want to manifest money but no matter how you verbalise it, it never works. The problem could the be word ‘money’ in itself. I’ll help you find the correct words to use so that your affirmations flow without resistance.
-You don’t believe the affirmations. I’ll help you make the wording believable. You have to believe¬†it or it won’t work. If you say, ‘I am happy’ but you’re depressed, are you really going to believe it?
-You’re not sure what you want but you know things need to change. My psychic abilities help me to help you find the right words for your needs.
-You keeping aiming for a certain outcome but it never manifests. You could be affirming something too idealistic. When saying affirmations, there can’t be an emerald green bubble (what idealism looks like to me) in front of your head otherwise it won’t work.

I’ll teach you the formulas so that you can continue the work on your own. This service is available face to face and any online method where we can talk (skype, whatsapp calling, our cell phones).

The course takes 2hrs and the investment is R1600.
The price can be shared with a friend.